Ralph Hancock
Font and keyboard services for classical Greek and Hebrew

A writing master and his class -- Urban Wyss, Libellus valde doctus, Zurich 1549

Special fonts made or existing fonts modified for reasonable prices. I specialise in fonts for ancient languages, especially classical Greek and its extra symbols, and Biblical Hebrew with fully working vowel points and cantillation marks. But I am quite happy to take on general font work. Just write to me describing the job, and I will give you a quote for it.

Antioch  An add-on to Microsoft Word for Windows, allowing the typing of Unicode classical Greek and Hebrew with points. With converters and other utilities.

Orthos  A free Unicode upright classical Greek font, with a matching italic version.

Kyrtos  A free Unicode classical Greek font with traditional upright capitals and slanted lower case, with a matching italic version.

Hyle  A free Unicode sans serif classical Greek font.

Orthos and Hyle

BetaRead  A free font that displays classical Greek BetaCode text as normal lower-case Greek with diacritics.

SGRead  A free font for displaying classical Greek text in SGreek encoding.

Please contact me for further information.

3 May 2012