Antioch 1.13b

This is the final revision of the original version of Antioch, written for Windows 95, 98 and ME. It is not recommended for users of Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7, since in these operating systems it will run excessively slowly -- although it will work. For all newer versions of Windows, we recommend Antioch 2 or 3, which you can download from here.

Requirements for Antioch 1.13b

MS Word 97 or later (please note: not Word 95 )
Windows 95, 98, ME (It will also work slowly in NT 4/5, 2000*, XP*, Vista* or 7*)

* In Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, the Hebrew side is not compatible with the current Windows right-to-left system and cannot be used. The Hebrew part of the present version works in standard left-to-right versions of Win 95, 98, ME and NT, which don't support proper right-to-left Hebrew, but types the text back to front. This text is not compatible with later versions of Windows.

Users of network versions of Win NT, 2000, XP, Vista or 7 will need to consult the administrator and show him/her the locations to which the Antioch installer will copy the files, so that these folders can be made accessible. Click here to download a list (0.9 KB). It is essential to install Antioch while logged on to the identity in which it will be used, and that this identity should have full administrator's privileges assigned to it.

Download the trial version of Antioch 1.13b

Antioch 1.13b is distributed in a fully working trial version, including a help file and manual. The installer file is called Antioch.exe. Simply run it to install everything you need. Note that Word should not be running when you do this. You need to register to stop the 'unregistered program' notice from appearing -- see below. The trial version includes only the italic version of the Vusillus Old Face font. The regular version can also be downloaded below.

Click here to download the trial version of Antioch 1.13b (803 KB).

Please note that there are minor faults in the GreekKeys and SIL converters of this version. To fix this, you need to download and run a small patch file after installing Antioch 1.13b. Click here to download the file (an1patch.exe, 72 KB). After you have run the file, you should reboot your computer to ensure that the changes have taken effect.


This old version of Antioch is now distributed free of charge. To register it, download a copy of the registration file (antioch1.reg) from here. If this link causes the file to appear on screen as text, close it. Then right-click on the link, and you should be offered a menu that includes 'Save target as' or 'Save link as'. Select this option and you will be able to download the file. If even this doesn't work, save the text of the file with Notepad, choosing 'All files' from the Save options, and naming it antioch1.reg. NB: if you accidentally save it as a text file with the name antioch1reg.txt, it won't work until you rename it correctly.

To use the registration file, double-click on it. You will be shown a warning about adding information to the registry. Click on 'Yes'. You will then see an acknowledgement that the information has been added.

The regular font

To download the regular version of the Vusillus Old Face font (vusillus.ttf), click here. Drag this file into your Fonts folder to install it. Please note that this font has slightly slanted Greek lower case letters, though the capitals and the roman letters are upright.

Free extras for Antioch 1.13b

You can save a lot of typing time by using our documents which add Greek and Hebrew entries to Word's AutoCorrect procedure, allowing you to type common words without diacritics or vowel points, which will be added automatically by AutoCorrect. You can add to or edit the list as you like (see the Antioch manual). The Greek list is now long, the Hebrew one just a skeleton to show how the list works -- ideas for more entries gratefully received.

Warning: These documents include macros, and may cause a virus warning notice to appear on your screen both when you download and when you open them. They are perfectly safe and have been checked for viruses. When opening a document in Word, when the warning comes up you should click on 'Enable macros'.

These entries are for use with Antioch 1.13b. There are different files for Antioch 2 on the main Antioch page.

To download a Greek list of AutoCorrect entries (72 KB), click here.
(If you have a previous version and you have not changed it, just open this file and click on the 'add' button. If you have changed the list, copy your additions to this file before clicking on the button. Many thanks to Mindaugas Strockis for starting this list, and to Joop Jagers for enlarging it so extensively.)
Extra for New Testament scholars: a list of all forms of hagios, Iesous, and Christos, which you can insert in the above document (19 KB) -- to download, click here.
To download the Hebrew list of AutoCorrect entries (43 KB), click here.

If you have any questions, or if you need special fonts made to order, please email

Ralph Hancock
3 January 2013